Dark, sexy paranormal romance that transports readers to a place of magic and mischief.


Three years have passed since Earth’s brush with Armageddon, the destruction wiping out two-thirds of Earth’s population. Mankind not only co-exists with daemons now, their very existence depends on them. Ember Moon was a survivor long before the world’s near miss. She endured a childhood of abuse from her step-father, her mother’s death, and the disappearance of her best friend and first love, Harrison Cayce. She never forgot Harrison and once old enough, set out to find him on her own. Unfortunately, her most promising lead was a trap that left her possessed with a dangerous demon.

Now Ember needs Harrison’s help to control the demon, or the demon will control her . . .eventually killing her. Harrison Cayce Sinclair knows a thing or two about survival himself. Adia, a powerful daemon who abused and tortured boys, abducted him as a teenager. Harrison endured her twisted love, watched as she cruelly used one boy after another, and was the only one to make it out of her chambers alive—at least as alive as a newly transformed vampire can be. Now, years later, the young girl he never forgot is caught in the sick games of the one woman he’s been unable to bring to justice. The only way to stop Adia is to return to the dark place where it all began . . . but is their love strong enough to survive the past?


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A Watcher’s curse…
Raised by one of the most hated and feared witches, Katherine O'Hickey survived her mother's abuse to become a healer; a witch with the touch and the heart to mend animals, humans, and daemons alike. Although forced to keep her mother's secrets, she’s still filled with guilt and regret for not preventing the evil her mother caused. Righting some of those wrongs does Kat as much good as the people she helps, which is why she spell-traveled a heavily scarred, tough, muscular—very sexy—vampire to her home. Unfortunately, healing the Harbinger’s battered body is easier than healing his broken mind, and Kat is running out of time to save him and prove he’s not the monster everyone thinks.

A healing touch…
Julius Crowley remembers nothing of himself or his life prior to waking up in a house he doesn't recognize, with a beautiful witch who claims he’s her mate. There’s a voice in his head telling him to do horrible things to himself and a body that obeys that voice’s commands no matter how much he tries to resist. The scars covering his body, the voice, and the terrible itching—like spiders under his skin—convinces him he's lost his mind. But Katherine knows better, and together they must race against the clock to end Julius’ torturous possession before the Watcher fulfills his revenge: The destruction of mankind.

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Powerful magic...

Trina Lopez is a powerful witch with an unusual type of magic. Since childhood, it has controlled her more than she has controlled it. After unintentionally killing her lover and spending years hiding from the world, she is forced to confront the life she left behind as she slowly begins to... disappear. Literally. Desperate for help, she returns to her home coven--but more danger is coming.

Powerful evil...

Vampire Duncan Sinclair is one of the last Guardians on Earth. For 300 years he's protected the Vampiric Council's interests, doing what he's told and assassinating threats to daemon kinds. This time his target is Trina. But Duncan doesn't always follow his rules. Despite his resolve to feel no emotion, Trina crushes all his boundaries, drawing him in with an undeniable passion and fire. However, the Council won't back down and someone very powerful is facilitating Armageddon.

Can they learn to trust each other before it's too late?

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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00003] When the Original comes, she’ll come to thee as three:

The Beacon burning bright. The shadow hidden from sight. The blighted, damned knight.

James Pasquino has failed as a man, as a priest, and as a daemon, but he has one last shot at redemption – succeed on a mission to prevent Armageddon. But who would’ve known protecting one woman would prove so difficult? Or so tempting.

Haunted by a mysterious and powerful evil entity, Lilith Caldwell has always had to live on the fringes of life. So when she comes home for the first time in twenty years and the entity disappears, she’s ecstatic –not even the proving daemon residing in her childhood house can dampen her enthusiasm. James is one sexy predicament, and she has every intention of pursuing him, daemon or not. For the first time in her life, she thinks things are falling into place…until she realizes the entity she’d thought had gone was only lying in wait, biding its time until she was at her most vulnerable.

When she needs them most, the coven she left long ago offers her one final chance to return as their high priestess and gain the power to defeat her enemies. The cost? The life of her daemon.

Can James protect Lilith and find redemption in the heart and soul of one single witch? Will Lilith take her chances and leave the coven to face the enemy without her full power, or will she choose to end the life of the arrogant, sexy daemon, who stole her heart?

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